First off, let me admit that I am a die hard college football fan. Nothing gets to me quite like a cool Saturday in November, rain pelting the windows, watching a game that has important championship consequences.  I know marketers dream of people like me, because on those days I MUST order take out pizza and indulge in chips. Mind you, I never order pizzas nor eat chips in front of the television but it just SEEMS and FEELS like the right thing to do on those November and December Saturdays.

There are some buddies of mine who text me, call me, or sit and watch various games and we hoot and holler like we’re 20 year olds, heavily vested in the outcomes of the games. Of course, some of my friends ARE vested in the games, talking about spreads and the works. I thought those were culinary terms until I realized the penchant 30-somethings have […]