coffee talk

You’ve seen this picture before: four to five 20 or 30-somethings gathered around a table at the local coffee shop conspiring about the next business idea. There are high pitched shouts of “eureka” and requisite high fives and belly bumps all around signifying that elusive moment where the stars line up and everyone finally gets and buys into the idea.

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label crazy

Imagine sometime in the future, there is a government decree that we must all wear a label communicating who we are. Let's say the Director of Homeland Labels has assembled a list from which we must choose and in fact, others get to vote from that list. On Facebook, any friend can vote on our label and we must wear it throughout the day. It may sound absurd and yet in many ways we act like this already. We are label manufacturers. We look at someone, what they are wearing or the company they keep, study their body and attach a label to them. Is this part of our DNA or was it developed as a survival kill for urban dwellers?

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hair whores – what we’ll do for a good hair day

The notion that our hair speaks volumes about who we are is alive and well. He discovers a new stylist at least once a month and is perennially in search of the perfect cut. He's the latest extension of urban life – the hair whore.

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when angry birds fly

is our new national past time a distraction or necessary mental vacation?

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chucking the cool card

There comes a day in everyone’s life when we realize that it’s suddenly not worth the effort of trying to be cool. I’m not sure why it happens, but it’s inevitable – something like a rite of passage to adulthood. It must be written in some arcane study that self assured and confident people – those actualized through the process of self inquiry, simply don’t require being cool anymore. I guess it’s because “cool” is an outside barometer – a sociological litmus test. You pass the test and you’re welcome into a world of false hope.


Before you decide to chuck it, let’s understand why so many sign up for the Cool Card in the first place. There are lines of people, panting and longing for admission. There must be something to it, or so many wouldn’t want it, right? Imagine a world where you’ve been handed a card. Let’s take a walk through that world. […]

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resolute about resolutions

Harvard Misfit identifies the many types of new year's resolutions and helps navigate through them...

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ultimate football fan

First off, let me admit that I am a die hard college football fan. Nothing gets to me quite like a cool Saturday in November, rain pelting the windows, watching a game that has important championship consequences.  I know marketers dream of people like me, because on those days I MUST order take out pizza and indulge in chips. Mind you, I never order pizzas nor eat chips in front of the television but it just SEEMS and FEELS like the right thing to do on those November and December Saturdays.

There are some buddies of mine who text me, call me, or sit and watch various games and we hoot and holler like we’re 20 year olds, heavily vested in the outcomes of the games. Of course, some of my friends ARE vested in the games, talking about spreads and the works. I thought those were culinary terms until I realized the penchant 30-somethings have […]

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