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why men run

Why is it that so many men can't sit still and be present? What does that mean for the person involved with them and what are their common characteristics?

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resolute about resolutions

Harvard Misfit identifies the many types of new year's resolutions and helps navigate through them...

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ultimate football fan

First off, let me admit that I am a die hard college football fan. Nothing gets to me quite like a cool Saturday in November, rain pelting the windows, watching a game that has important championship consequences.  I know marketers dream of people like me, because on those days I MUST order take out pizza and indulge in chips. Mind you, I never order pizzas nor eat chips in front of the television but it just SEEMS and FEELS like the right thing to do on those November and December Saturdays.

There are some buddies of mine who text me, call me, or sit and watch various games and we hoot and holler like we’re 20 year olds, heavily vested in the outcomes of the games. Of course, some of my friends ARE vested in the games, talking about spreads and the works. I thought those were culinary terms until I realized the penchant 30-somethings have […]

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confessional sundays

Confessional Sundays


Imagine that it’s 11am on a Sunday morning.  You finished your eggs, vegetarian sausage, bagel and orange juice and the crumbs serve as a testimony to your appetite. Relaxing, you stretch out your legs on the coffee table and pick up the New York Times. There’s something about the Sunday edition that appeals to the snob in you – maybe it’s the Sunday Magazine or the Week in Review – or maybe it’s the fact that you won’t find Target coupons thumbing through the Arts section.

On this particular morning, a ringing phone disturbs your moment of grandeur. You check caller ID and discover it’s a seldom-encountered friend. Unsure of what to expect, you answer only to hear a blubbering voice on the other end of the line. Your friend is unloading on the events of the weekend, the past week and maybe even the month when you realize you’ve been suckered into a Confessional […]

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branding is everything

In today’s society one simply cannot ignore the fact that with all the social and business media available, we are, in effect,  all brands. As such, each decision we make about how we live our lives, what we communicate and the manner of that communication create a window to the brand which is us. When we know who we are (our brand), the ways we promote ourselves, the words we use for SEO and our style will be self-evident.

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the beauty of imperfection

There’s something about the Mona Lisa that
captivates us. Her image is a combination of half-smile and half-sneer. In her
imperfection, she is flawless. Were Michelangelo to have painted her perfectly
purring at us, I contend we would have found her much less fascinating. So why is that we are obsessed with perfection
in our own lives but make allowances for imperfection all around us?

A tragic flaw is engrained in our cellular memory that causes us to set ourselves up for failure. It’s the perfection trap. We’re taught early on in life that there is a “right” way and a “wrong” way to perform most every task. Programmed from youth, we take a side – right or wrong, and run with it. As we age, we even think that there is such a thing
as a perfect relationship. So we look for the princess or knight to complete our perfect storybook ending.

Is it any wonder that we fail at these […]

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a misfit is born, not made

misfits are born, not made. as we venture on our journey together, these posts will speak to the disenfranchised and misfit in all of us. consider me a social anthropologist, directing an expedition through the human psyche and the social experience. my posts will be unfiltered non-political and unbiased. everyone and everything is fair game.

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video demo

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