In the past, networking required us to be physically present. For an entrepreneur, we know that our brand message must be effectively and consistently communicated. Oftentimes that task falls on the owner, and yet we’re also busy running the company, addressing important business matters and communicating with key personnel. The notion that we couldn’t be in two places at one time inhibited our personal outreach. An important plus of utilizing social media is that we can create the impression of a presence in multiple locations (networks or groups within networks) by communicating an on-brand message, 5 minutes prior to an important company human resource meeting.

The multiple social media vehicles available afford us a voice to different listeners and we can establish a specific tone tailored to them, while communicating a cohesive message. Different platforms speak to different audiences, and by establishing a presence on multiple sites we speak directly to them all simultaneously. Utilizing a social media management program (or dashboard, such as Hootsuite), we can schedule messaging activity throughout the week to whichever platforms we select. This creates an online appearance that we are active and engaged with the marketplace, while affording us the opportunity to run our daily business tasks.

Multidimensional networking gives our brands a larger than life appearance, communicating one clearly articulated message to a diverse audience.