Brands have a lot of options in getting their message out today. From traditional print and television to the oftentimes  unrealized benefits of social media, the landscape for promoting messages has never been more lush. What hasn’t changes in all this, however is the importance of connecting with the right brain of the audience. Regardless of what a brand communicates, the audience will remember more about HOW they felt in the experience than the actual details.


For instance, say your company is a law firm and you believe that customers only want to know the facts about your history, how many cases you’ve closed, your specialized practice and the firm bios. While all that is important, what will cause someone to take action is most often an association with a feeling experience they had while viewing the website, the posts on your social media platforms or the “about us” in the profile.


Identifying the key emotional triggers (KET) of your audience allows you the opportunity to connect with them more deeply. In the case of the law firm, let’s say the clients want to feel secure and confident. While the pedigrees of the partners can communicate that with the left side of the brain, the right side wants to FEEL it. What images, concepts and words will get that message across? What testimonials from others allows them to experience and aspire for that connection?


To know the emotional dynamic of your customer is to create a brand world that they will want to re-visit and embrace. While the opportunities for connection have grown leaps and bounds, the human dynamic of aspiration remain the same.