We live in a time where brands are made, not born. Surviving in rough terrain is the result of a commitment to detail and a designed message creation. In essence, a brand must create and operate from it’s own ecosystem to survive.

Return on investment is a phrase familiar to any business owner. Most assume that when speaking of ROI, the consideration is strictly monetary. Playing in the realm of social media, that is almost never the case. For the most part, the use of social media is “free.” Aside from certain advertising, specified personnel or promotional options offered, the main investment required for social media is TIME.

Once the business profiles are created, the real “investment” begins. After reaching out to all the contacts and making your brand known, it’s time to start crafting a social media eco system. Defined, this is the environment that surrounds the brand tone, message and delivery. It lives in a unique habitat that YOU control. All that enters and exits the habitat is under the control of the brand.

Creating a brand eco system that is sustainable is the by-product of a carefully engineered and intelligently orchestrated social media strategy. If you are willing to invest the necessary time or money in growing a social media empire, the brand ROI will exceed all expectations . Brand ecosystems now include social media and that is here to stay for a long time.