I recently made a purchase of a very very cool ultra thin laptop. I won’t mention the brand, but suffice to say it WASN’T Apple. I purchased the pc at a Fry’s electronics store in the Dallas area. I was encouraged to buy the 3 year maintenance agreement, and though I usually don’t make that choice, did so this time.

Following three months of ups and downs and re-booting the laptop, I decided I had enough of it. So I returned to Fry’s to see how they would honor the maintenance agreement. While there, I decided that in fact, I was NOT pleased with the laptop at all, the claims that were made of the product and its performance. So I requested to the customer service attendant, that I would like to exchange the laptop for another brand. He mentioned he couldn’t make that decision, as I had 15 days to make that choice and they had elapsed. He did, however, give the email address of the General Manager, to whom I could direct such a request.

I was amazed that the GM actually responded within 4 hours on a holiday weekend. Further, he was quite understanding. And when it was all said and done, I had a refund IN FULL of the laptop, which I happily exchanged for a Macbook Pro. This is the kind of customer service that warrants mention. My expectations were exceeded each step of the way, and my experience of the management team there was completely positive. I will return there again and again, and YES, customer service matters! Kudos to the team at Fry’s in Plano Texas.