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the value principal

For everything in life there is a value which we attach. There is a price we pay and a benefit we receive. It’s easy to understand this concept in the exchange of goods and services, but is it also applicable to relationships? We enter and exit relationships for a reason. There is a value component to each relationship and how we treat them reflects the value we assign to them. So if that’s the case, why is that we stay in relationships that seem bad for us?

I’ve studied my own relationships and recognized a pattern that qualifies me to answer that question. The decision to stay in relationships boils down to a simple arithmetic formula that we unconsciously enforce. As long as the benefit of the situation exceeds the cost of being in the situation, I’ll stay in it. Others may not understand because they may only see from the outside the price I am […]

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a rare experience

I recently made a purchase of a very very cool ultra thin laptop. I won’t mention the brand, but suffice to say it WASN’T Apple. I purchased the pc at a Fry’s electronics store in the Dallas area. I was encouraged to buy the 3 year maintenance agreement, and though I usually don’t make that choice, did so this time.

Following three months of ups and downs and re-booting the laptop, I decided I had enough of it. So I returned to Fry’s to see how they would honor the maintenance agreement. While there, I decided that in fact, I was NOT pleased with the laptop at all, the claims that were made of the product and its performance. So I requested to the customer service attendant, that I would like to exchange the laptop for another brand. He mentioned he couldn’t make that decision, as I had 15 days to make that choice and they […]

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love strategies

We have become so talented at manipulating relationships that we lose the joy of being chosen by another. When that ring is ultimately placed on the finger, it’s a passionless experience where we know we orchestrated events perfectly and now we have to live with our desired outcome.

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create a job in 5 steps

what can you do when the odds are stacked against you and you can't find a job? Create a job!

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opposite sides of the same coin

We’ve all had our share of successes and failures in life. Lately I’ve been thinking we spend way too much attention in society focusing on success. Everyone has an opinion and a formula for success; “10 steps to becoming successful” and “How to make millions in15 steps” sounds like familiar titles. It seems like there’s a formula and book for success on every website. And though I doubt a book touting “5 Ways to Certain Failure” would become a best seller, what I’ve realized is we do not spend enough time looking at failure and what we can learn from it. In fact, I’m fairly convinced that success and failure are opposite sides of the same coin, and contingent upon definition.

To effectively navigate failure and understand its component parts would be to create pathways for success. If I know what failure looks like and what sets up the circumstances for its inevitability […]

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a trip to Oz

Many stories are circulating about new bars and clubs and they sound amazing and empowering. So I set out to test my theory that all of this is an illusion – like a Criss Angel or David Blair stunt. A few year ago, on my inaugural trip to the celebrated Ghost Bar, atop Dallas' W hotel, I entered oddly excited and looking forward to a new era in Dallas – the era of modern urbanism run amok.

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coffee talk

You’ve seen this picture before: four to five 20 or 30-somethings gathered around a table at the local coffee shop conspiring about the next business idea. There are high pitched shouts of “eureka” and requisite high fives and belly bumps all around signifying that elusive moment where the stars line up and everyone finally gets and buys into the idea.

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networking bliss

Multidimensional networking gives our brands a larger than life appearance, communicating one clearly articulated message to a diverse audience.

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label crazy

Imagine sometime in the future, there is a government decree that we must all wear a label communicating who we are. Let's say the Director of Homeland Labels has assembled a list from which we must choose and in fact, others get to vote from that list. On Facebook, any friend can vote on our label and we must wear it throughout the day. It may sound absurd and yet in many ways we act like this already. We are label manufacturers. We look at someone, what they are wearing or the company they keep, study their body and attach a label to them. Is this part of our DNA or was it developed as a survival kill for urban dwellers?

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exploring key emotional triggers

To know the emotional dynamic of your customer is to create a brand world that they will want to re-visit and embrace. While the opportunities for connection have grown leaps and bounds, the human dynamic of aspiration remain the same.

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